I'm a scientist turned designer, a lousy golfer, and always a geek at heart

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My name is Art, which is surprisingly inconvenient when working in the design world. I began my career as an evaluative researcher, conducting professional usability lab sessions and creating comically oversized reports. Later, I transitioned to the design field, collaborating with organizations across various industries. My focus is on designing products that improve metrics for both users and businesses. My project list includes native mobile apps, TV interfaces, interactive installations, web applications, and websites.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife, family, and friends in New York City—my home. I’m an adventurous foodie, love golfing, play Xbox, grill when the weather allows, catch up with friends over a beer, build LEGO sets, and dive into comic book canon. And yes, I’ll admit to complaining when movies don’t follow the books. Curious about my take on the greatest comic book character? Interested in discussing my design process? Have an opportunity you think I’d be interested in? Let’s chat!

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